Bled and Bohinj, Slovenia


In October boyfriend and i decided to go to Slovenia for a road trip. We’ve choosen lake Bled and lake Bohinj for our destination. I have to admit, I’m still thrilled! That day was sunny even if they say that it is already cold there in that time. We had a perfect day.

First we went to see waterfall Savica. There is 10-15 minutes of driving from lake Bohinj to the waterfall. You ar going through the wood on the narrow road where is hardly enough place for one car so you can imagine how it looks like when a bus has to pass over a car. When we got there we had an hour of free time to climb up to the waterfall. I am no sure gow much we have paid for that, but i think it was around 2,50€ per person. It took us around 25 minutes of walking to the waterfall. To get there you have to climb the stairs through the wood to the mountain, and we had to stop couple of times for short breaks because we both have astma, but it was worth it. When it is a nice day, and we wer lucky to hav it, you can see all over to the lake Bohinj. So it really is worth seeing. And for waterfall, well I was thrilled, but I think it is because of the nature around it.


After the waterfall we went back to the lake Bohinj where we didn’t stay for a long time, just a short break for some pictures. Lake Bohinj is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. Cristal clear water with clear reflection of colors in the wood that is surrounding it… eye can see for kilometers, and little ducks at the coast.



After lake Bohinj we went to the lake Bled where we have spent the rest if the day. What dissapointed me there is the fact that you have to pay for every little thing. For example a boat ride to the island at the lake is around 15€, if you want to go to the church you have to pay around 5€, to enter the castle you have to pay 10€. When we’ve counted all tickets you have to pay to see Bled entirely, it was around 50€ per person.

There we decided to sit someone for a coffee and famous cake – kremsnite. We’ve choosen a terase at the hotel/restaurant/caffeeshop Park from which you can see the whole lake and you can enjoy sun, lake and nature.
Unfortunately, we didn’t enjoy cake that much. There was too much of whipped cream, which we don’t like and just a little bit of cream. Two cakes and two coffees were at the end around 12€ which is too much becahse you can findbetter place for lowe prices and vetter cake. We decided to walk to the castle that is situated at the little mountain and see if we can find some restaurant where we could have a lunch. View from the castle, by the way, is breathtaking. Literally. As I said, entrance to the castle was 10€ per person and we didn’t want to pay tbat much because we realised that you have to pay for everything so we decided to go find a place to eat. We decided to eat in a little pub next to the lake where they have affordable prices and friendly and kind stuff, delicious food and perfect coffee. We decided to see the other side of the lake after the lunch, we went near the island and found out that you can come there for 4€ per person but it was too late for that then because we had only an hour till departure for Zagreb.




All in all, it was beautiful abd it is really worth visiting when you have some time. And from Croatia you can come there for ab acceptable price (150-200kn), and if you don’t include everything you can see but have to pay it is really not expensive.  Whether you are romantic looking for a right trip for you and your partner or you are nature lover, want to surprise your family… you wil find something you like. It is worth visiting, relaxing and enjoying nature. And if one day is not enough for you, luckily you have lots of hotels around the lake Bled so you can stay as long as you like.



2 thoughts on “Bled and Bohinj, Slovenia

  1. Bled was always on my tourist list but I expected it to be expensive because it’s been famous for a long time. Bohinj is less well known and looks equally beautiful to me. Maybe I’ll get there one day. Happy travels in 2017! 🙂


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