Tuttlingen, Germany

Hello everyone!

I am now in Tüttlingen, little place in south Germany. I’m visiting my boyfriend who has moved here a month ago. I’ve already been in Germany with my friends in high school, and we’ve visited Dresden, Berlin and Nürnberg. We haven’t seen anything but those cities because we were partying or sleeping so this time I could see everything I have missed last time. When we have crossed the German borders we’ve found ourselfs in fog. Like I can’t see a finger in front of my nose, fog. A little while after the border you can find snow near highway. It is not much, but still more than Zagreb. It gives you Christmas spirit because of the pines wood which is now white and snowy. First bus stop was in München in Germany. It was a good thing that I was sitting when I saw theirs railway station. It is like seven times bigger than ours in Zagreb! And the best thing is an elevator in the middle of the bus station. An elevator! And shopping centre. My boyfriend asked me not to go to the centre because he believed I wouldn’t come to Tuttlingen in that case (he knows me haha.)

My first destination was Ulm, little city where I got near two hours after leaving München. We didn’t go to the centre of the city, we stopped at the small station. I’ve got there around 2 PM, after 9 and a half hours of driving in a bus and then I had to wait for my boyfriend’s uncle to come and pick me up. It was cold, and it is unknown city to me in which they use language that I am not so good at. But probably the worst thing was Romanian man who was trying to talk to me and was trying to find out everything about me while we were waiting. It was scary.

From Ulm to Tüttlingen it will took you around an hour and a half of driving, so we arrived to Tüttlingen at the night and I was too tired to go anywhere far so we had a coffee and rested a bit and then we went to the centre just so I can see a little bit of this beautiful city. I have never been here so I couldn’t wait to see everything and explore every little part of it. Tüttlingen is a little city through which flows river Danube, and I fell in love. It is wonderful. It has everything you need, coffee bars, shops, hotels, restaurants, bank, bakery… everything you need for a easygoing and normal life. I’ve only managed to find two coffee shops where you can smoke. Others have a table or two next to the door, on the street and when you want to have a cigarette you have to go outside. And people are actually going out when they need cigarette which was like wow to me because I’m used to smoking in bars. There’s not much trash cans through the city which is a little bit weird since town is really clean and you can’t see garbage or cigarette on the floor. People usually keep it until they find first trash can. One more interesting thing is that there’s only a few pedestrian crossing (I mean marked crossings), I’ve seen maybe 5 till now, but at the places where they are supposed to be, cars are stopping all the time so people could go across the street. All cafee shops work no later than 8 PM. There is a couple of them that work after 8, but mostly they are opening their doors in the later afternoon. Along the entire Danube is made the promenade on the both sides and from one side to other you can go over the bridges which are set over the Danube every 50-100m.


City is decorated for Christmas, but it is not much. They have decorated a Christmas tree at the square and they have lights on the trees at the streets that lead you to the square. Every morning there is a fair, there is no classic Christmas market like it is in other cities, but it is nice. It is not so cold as I expected.


There is a shopping centre in the middle of the city, Modepark Rother, and I love that! It has two floors with women’s clothes only and one floor with men’s clothes. Also I like that they don’t have classic shopping centre, like ours in Croatia, they have all the brands together, but every single one is marked so you know exactly what brand you are looking at. Of course I had to see everything and my boyfriend got so tired he had to rest for a bit haha. They also have a membership card with which you can get 5% discount for every shopping and 10euro discount for your birthday and many more benefits which I like really much. And one card is for the whole shopping centre, you don’t have to have card for every brand which is so much more practical.

Since i smoke, we are looking for caffee shops where you can smoke, and as I’ve said before, there’s few such, and it is still too cold to sit outside so we are limited here. We’ve been to only two coffee shops for now. One of them is caffee bar Plaza which is located at the square. We’ve paid for coffee 6,60euro (3,30euro per coffee) and it is a little to much for our standards, but for those 3,30euro we’ve got a huge cup of perfect coffee and foam. coffee shop is really cute and it has it’s own cantrip, waiters are relaxed and friendly and accessible to the guests which is great. When we’re not there, we go to the coffee shop Schlack which is within the Hotel Schlack. It has two separate rooms. One is a pastry where you can try their specialty – cheesecake, which I adore, and other is for smokers and that is where we spend most of the time.


We still have so much to see, like old castle in Tuttlingen, Bodensee which is an hour away from us, other side of the city where I still haven’t been and only two weeks for that and for more enjoying. I will probably have more pictures (I feel sorry for my boyfriend) and impressions than I have now and so much more to write. So goodbye till the next post!




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