La siciliana’s tagblatt, Tuttlingen

Hello again!

I’m still spending time with my boyfriend in Tuttlingen. Today we decided to go out for a dinner. We went to a little restaurant near our aparment, La siciliana’s tagblatt.

Since their working hours are from 5PM to midnight, we decided to take a walk to the centre again till they opet their doors.

As I’ve already said, this little restaurant is near our apartment so it was a great idea. It is little and it is all warm and cozy. It’s staff is friendly and accessible, which I’ve found everywhere in Tuttlingen in this few days. Prices here are really affordable, while comparing them to one restaurant in Croatia, it is really a big difference. Much more for this money we paid, than in Croatia for even more money. Restaurant has Christmas spirit also. It has lights and candles on all tables and miniature cute red Christmas trees made of papir or something like that, I am not sure. Warm, cozy and romantic.

One thing that was great to me, because I haven’t seen it anywhere else, is a tree they made out of the boxes, some kind of the calender. Like ones we used to have when we were kids, with chocolates, one for each day. Something like that, only with a beer instead of the chocolate.

My boyfriend had pizza with seafood and I had seafood risotto. Well, I could barely eat everything haha. They have huge portions and it is really delicious. Especially if you love seafood. And risotto. And seafood risotto. Yes. Delicious.

After we’ve (read:I’ve) finally finished this meal, we decided to have a panna cotta for a desert. My boyfried ordered panna cotta with chocolate and I had panna cotta with forest fruits. Well it was delicious, but really bad idea after risotto, because I was so full that I could barely breathe!

After that we decided to go home because we weren’t able to walk anywhere else because of all the food we had. Delicious food. Next time I get a chance to go out for a dinner in Tüttlingen, I am definitely chosing La siciliana’s tagblatt.


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