Tour de Baden – Württemberg, Germany

Hello everybody!
First of all I want to wish you all a merry merry Christmas! Hope you are all having a good time and enjoying yourselfes with your families and friends! So, let’s start now.

This weekend we decided to have a little tour through the province Baden – Württemberg. We started yesterday with Konstanz, situated on lake Constance (or in German Bodensee) and bordering Switzerland. It is the largest city on the lake. I wanted to visit the sea life centre in Konstanz, but since it was a Christmas Eve, you can guess… it was closed. So I’ll have to go again so I can see everything I missed this time. We were lucky enough to have sun for a little bit, just enough to go through the town and see almost everything we wanted, but then… wind. We didn’t have an umbrella so we decided to go home because we were afraid it might rain.


We were also late for the Christmas market because it ended day before. But still it was nice. It didn’t live some big impression, it looks like every city with around 80 000 people, only special thing here is… BODENSEE which is breath taking. Bodensee  is central Europe’s third largest lake and it is surrounded by the high peaks of the Alps with the world-famous ski resorts. What I’ve also found interesting is a big sculpture at the dock which is showing Imperia, a Roman muse made in 1993 by Peter Lenk according to the story by Honore de Balzac. This sculpture rotates 360 degrees all the time. In Konstanz you can also find the sculpture dedicated to Zeppelin (man with wings), simbol for a man’s dream about flying.

After that we went to the little town near Konstanz, Singen. Singen is an industrial city in the very south of Baden – Wurttemberg. In Singen we wanted to visit a volcanic stub Hohentwiel but we found out that it is opet only till 3PM, so we had coffee in the only coffee shop that was open. It is a little coffee shop in the centre of Singen, first opened in 1934 and it still has it’s tradition preserved.

After Singen we decided to go to the Burghonberg, old castle in Tuttlingen. It is not something really special, but we went there because of the breath taking, literally breath taking view on the whole town.

Today we decided to go to the Donaueschingen, town in Germany where is Danube’s spring. We decided to eat in a little family restaurant next to the spring, and then just took a walk through the city and went to the spring.

Except that, we went to the Villingen – Schwenningen and just took a walk through the city because everything was closed today since it is a Christmas. But this town, it was a love at every sight. I love it!

Till the next time, V.


4 thoughts on “Tour de Baden – Württemberg, Germany

  1. Cool stuff. All these places are very near me.
    Christmas Eve is indeed a tricky day to travel as everything shuts down at 14:00 or 16:00. And as you noticed that vast majority of places are non-smoking.
    From your photos I can see you visited Villingen. Schwenningen is some kilometres away and less historical. Keep on exploring. Maybe Triberg could be an option as they are said to have a Winter Market even after Christmas. But better check it again. It can be reached by train and is very scenic.

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    1. Well it shuts down in that time in Croatia, here evrything shuts down at 13:00.
      Yes, we went to Villingen and wanted to visit Schwenningen too but we didn’t have much time left because we had some plannes… but I’m going to come again so it is on a list 🙂 and thank you for Triberg idea, I will try to make it happen, if not then in Februar when I come again 🙂


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