A girl with a suitcase 

Since I was a little girl I wanted to know everything and see everything. My mom always says that she would play Mozart or Beethoven and she would give me a book, any kind of it and I would turn pages and listen to classic. While I was growing up, it was a common thing that for birthdays or Christmas I ask for some book. When you walk into my room you will find a bunch of books – encyclopedia, seven wonders of the world, history, animals and atlases.

For one birthday I got a little globe lamp. I was the happiest girl alive that day. I used to turn on the light in a globe and spin it. Then put my finger on any part and decide that I am going to travel there. I have a list of places I want to visit for quite of a time. You can find anything on that list. From Russia, to Finland and Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, China, Thailand, Australia, Canada, New York, San Francisko to Cuba, Argentina… and a lot more.

I loved our trips during the summer. We would always go to the other part of Croatian sea. For example, one year we would go to the island Pag and other to island Hvar. Then we would visit Zadar and after that Brač… every year one new place. We would never use highway, if we were to go someone far, for example Hvar, we would go around 1AM so we arrive then in the early morning. Everytime we would see something new. And wherever we came, we discovered the whole place and places in neighborhood.

I didn’t know much about life then… but I knew two things. I wanted to travel the world and I knew that I would move from home at some time.

My list of places I want to visit is decreasing, and list of places I have already visited is growing, slowly but it is. Some places I have visited once, some twice… and some I want to visit again and again because I fell in love with them. I fell in love with traveling.

Why this title? A girl with a suitcase? Two and a half years ago I had to move from my home, my room filled with books to the different city for college. It wasn’t so hard. New place, new people, new experience. I couldn’t wait for that day to finally come. And it has come. And then I realised how hard it is. But in time it became easier.

I’ve found new friends, but still have some old. I live alone in my own apartment, but still have someplace to come back. I’ve found boyfriend, my best friend and partner, and he moved too. To Germany. I always knew that I would move too.

My grandma likes to say that some people are people with a suitcase, meaning that they are mostly seen with a suitcase, traveling somewhere and that I am becoming one of them.

That made wonder… do I mind if I really am a girl with a suitcase? Do I mind if I travel a lot and I’m never home. What if world is my home? Do I mind being a girl with a suitcase?

Well, here’s an answer. NO. I don’t mind at all. Because since I was a little girl, I wanted to travel the world. And if that means I’m going to be a girl with a suitcase then I agree to it.

Sincerely yours, a girl with a suitcase ♡

P.S. I love you grandma, you’re the best


13 thoughts on “A girl with a suitcase 

  1. Traveling gives you a different perspective of things. There’s so much growth in it. You see things better than the one who chose to be in one corner. Yeah, I believe it’s great to be a girl with a suitcase! See you around! 🙂


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