Favorite places I’ve visited

Hello everybody!

Hope you are having a nice time. I am currently studying for my exams, essays, seminars and all other boring things, but I have found some time to write something so I have decided to write about my favorite places I have visited. Let’s start!

5. Venice

On the fifth place I’ve decided to put Venice. I’ve been there a couple of years ago but I still find it one of my favorite places. I’ve visited during the carneval so it was even much more beautiful, actually it was magical. People in masks (from head to toe), big vintage dresses, animals, queens, princesses, lords, I’ve even seen a lady dressed like a toy for a child.

Except the carneval and outstanding masks, what I’ve found interesting is that there is no cars, only little boats – gondola. And a lot of bridges and I love bridges. But you have to have a sunny day to enjoy it to the fullest because after the rain you could smell sewerage system, which can reduce your delight, but I think you are going to like it anyway.Β And since they are building hotels all the time, more than Venice can handle, and because of a lot of tourists, Venice might not be here for a very long time so you better visit while you can!

4. Budapest

I’ve been to Budapest with my parents, for advent. I don’t know why but any city is beautiful to me in this time. In Budapest I liked their mall and bridge (of course because I love bridges). Their mall is like the biggest mall I’ve ever seen in my life and it is all so wonderful with big windows, beautiful fassade. Unfortunately I can’t find any pictures of it…

Since we’ve been there in winter we decided not to join the boat ride on the Danube because water level was small and you couldn’t see city as much as you could at it’s normal high so we decided to take a walk along the river. I don’t have much pictures from here because I didn’t care a lot at that time for taking pictures that I could use someday but here are some.

3. Hvar


On the third place is an island Hvar in Croatia. It is my favorite island, my favorite place and my favorite part of Croatia. At Hvar you can find something for everyone. If you are interessted in nature – here you go. Lavender, rosemary, grapes, woods, sea… or you are interested in culture and history? There you go, biggest square in Dalmatia, a lot of churces, museums, galeries… or you want to go clubbing? Lots and lots of clubs. You can find something for everyone.

2. Toscany


I’ve been in love with Italia since forever. And when I’ve finally got a chance to visit Toscany, I was the happiest girl alive. I enjoyed it to the every last bit. Bologna, the oldest university city, Firenca with it’s amazing buildings and squares (and a lot of shops – i didn’t spend too much money for shopping haha), Montecatini Terme where we stayed in hotel, leaning tower in Pisa, a ride with a train on two floors (excuse me but I’ve never seen that in Croatia before so i really was excited like a little child).

And even a lot of people didn’t bother me because I was in Toskany and I wanted to go there since I was a little girl.


1. Prague


(Take a look on this most beautiful accessorie on me)

My favorite place of my favorite places. There is no words to describe what Prague is to me. All the little streets and squares, churces, a big clock on a church, lots of bars where you can enjoy beer, staropramen factory where I’ve seen how beer is made, restaurant where football club “Hajduk” was established, lots of restaurants with tasty food and huge portions. Prague, to me, is a city that has most soul. It feels like it is it’s own city. No modern buildings next to old buildings. And how could I even forget about dancing building! I could never have enough of Prague! I don’t even know what to say about Prague except that you just have to visit it to see it, feel it and love it!

Must visit. Must! I’ve been there twice but I’m planing to go again ASAP.


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