Tuscany, Italy

Today I’d like to tell you about my trip to Toscany in Italy. In previous post I’ve told you that I absolutely adore Italy since I was little and I’ve always wanted to visit Italy. I want to explore every part of it, and I started couple of years ago. I traveled with one of my friends so it was even nicer! We went on a three day trip and I have to say that I’m really happy with all that we’ve seen in those three days, but still sad I couldn’t stay longer because I loved it that much!

Our first stop was Bologna, the largest city of the Emilia-Romagna Region and it is the home to the oldest university in the world, you guess it’s name – University of Bologna! In Bologna I really liked it’s monuments, towers, antique buildings, churces, squares… it gives you a feeling like you are in a tiny city while actually you are in a huge city! We didn’t have much time here, but we had enough time to see the centre of the city and have a coffee in a little coffee bar in centre with beautiful view on the churces and towers. Here we also visited Disney store and I felt like a little child!

Our next stop was Montecatini Terme where was our hotel. The town is located at the eastern end of Piana di Lucca. We’ve stayed in Hotel Miro 3*, and here is the link for it if you’re interested: http://www.hotelmiro.eu/

I have to say that if you choose this hotel you won’t regret because I was thrilled with everything – room, food, exterion, interior. It’s a mix of vintage and modern arrangement, and it was really nice. If you don’t like this hotel or you feel it is too expencive or anything, I’m sure you will find something for yourself in Montecatini Terme because there’s a lot of hotels and you can easily come to any city you want (we used train to get to Florence) so I think it is a best choise.

On the other day we went to Florence with train Treni Italia. It took us an hour to arrive, but it was really nice because train is comfortable and you don’t even feel like you’re traveling for an hour. Florence is the capital city of the region Tuscany and it is often considered the birth place of renaissance. After a walk through Florence, we had free time, so we decided to eat. While walking around Florence we’ve found one little family restaurant so we came back there. After that we decided to go to shopping and had a coffee. I don’t remember the name of the restaurant and of the coffee bar, but I have to say, I was absolutly thrilled with restaurant. And about coffee shop I liked that it is in the centre of Florence so we had a really great view, but we’ve paid for two coffees 4euros just because the waitress came to our table to take the order.

On our last day we stopped in Lucca (I don’t have any pictures, and don’t really remember what we saw that, guess it was too early for me haha) I just know it is a place known for World Festival of Comics, and in Pissa, known for a leaning tower. We had enough time to eat and have coffee, take pictures in front of the tower and then we went home.

Except this in Italy I have also visited Trieste and Venice, and next year I plan to visit Portugal or South Italy, so if you have any advice on those who locations, feel free to help!


6 thoughts on “Tuscany, Italy

      1. Yeah it looks surreal, hope you make it back out sooner than later.

        I have a feeling I’m going to be in Asia for a while, but when I go back to Europe Napoli is the top of my list. When I was in Budapest I met this group of 18 Italian uni students from Napoli and they were the coolest, so really want to visit them!

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