Coffee lover

“Water is the most important element in life….because without it you can’t make coffee!”

Since my exams started, I’ve been pretty  busy last and this week. And I still can’t see the end of this week, I feel like it haven’t even started yet. I don’t have much time, I haven’t seen anyone for a couple of days already and all I see are books. So yes, I don’t have much fun. And certainly don’t have much time.But there is always time for one thing I love so, so much. Coffee. And without it I probably wouldn’t write this post because I would be sleeping or something.

I like to say to my friends and family not to touch me before I’ve had my first morning coffee. And they all know that it is a best idea for them to just step back and leave me alone for at least half an hour. And today, I’ve decided that my addiction that has saved me through this two and a half years of college, my superman, my batman… deserves a post dedicated to it. Usually when I come somewhere I first meet waiters, because – if you know them you’ll get the best coffee possible! It has been working for couple of years now and I think that I’ll keep that habit. So here are some pictures of coffee I’ve took in my favorite caffee bars and on my travels.

(you can see a short description of pictures (and place where I had coffee) when you put pointer on them; the featured image is taken at lake Bled in Slovenia)

Have a great week you all! 😀


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