Time to go to Germany is coming again. Only 12 days left till I go and I have to admit, I’m pretty excited.

In December I had so much fun. We saw the whole Tuttlingen, we have visited Konstanz and Bodensee, Singen, Donaueschingen and Villingen – Schwenningen.

I can’t wait to go again and I am already planning my next trip to Tuttlingen and roadtrips for me and my boyfriend when I finally arrive there. Since he’s working we won’t have as much time as last time, but it’s okay, I’ll do my best to make a great plan to see as much as possible in a short time.

I was hoping we would go to see castles of Bavaria, but we won’t have enough time because I’d like to go there for at least two days. I planned for us to go there in early morning and stay in a hotel for night or two and see all castles and some lakes and cities around, but I guess we will just leave that for summer time.

So we are definitely going to Schwarzwald because of the cake (of course, it’s one of mine favourite cakes). I’ve also planned to stop in one or two little cities by the way. I’m no sure where exactly yet, but this week I’ll search and plann every little detail. We are also planning to go to Stuttgart. I’ve planned we would go there with a train. So if anybody knows any better way to go to Stuttgart from Tuttlingen – HELP!

I’ve also though that we could go to Schaffhausen in Switzerland, but there are two problems. 1. I’m not sure if we can go to Switzerland without passport (since Croatia became a part of EU we can use our ID card) so I have to find that out before I plan a roadtrip there. And 2. I really don’t know how much free time is my boyfriend going to have in those 10-14 days I’ll stay there.

Except for this little trips, I’ve planned some time in Tuttlingen. My boyfriend’s birthday is on a February 11th so we are going to go to dinner that day to a restaurant I’ve told you about in one of my previous posts – La sicilianas tagblatt. We are also going to go somewhere for a dinner for Valentines day, but I am not sure where. Maybe even Croatian restaurant in Tuttlingen because I haven’t been there and I’d really like to see how it all looks so I could compare it to Croatia.

Since I’m going with my boyfriend’s family, I guess we are going to have some fun in those two days they will be there with me. They are going to join us for birthday’s dinner and we are probably going to a coffee bars everyday and hva walks through city, go shopping and everything. I can’t wait to show them my favourite coffee in Tuttlingen – La plaza and bakery in which I’ve bought my firsst breakfast in Tuttlingen, show them my favourite parts of shopping centre (Mode park Röther), hear some of stories they have about time they’ve spent in Tuttlingen years ago and hear what have changed.

I can’t wait to go there, I’m going to see so much things again and hear a lot of stuff, improve my German and just enjoy myself and have fun.

I’m also spending my free time to plan our summer vacation. We are going to spend some time in my apartment in Lovran and then we are going to visit our friend at the island Rab. After Rab we are heading to Zadar to visit one other friend and then going to stay for couple of days in Šibenik in his apartment. After that we are going to Germany where I’ll be staying till my classes start. I’ve though that we could go to Italy for summer vacation but since I have college and he’s working and I’d like to work this summer, we are just going to explore Croatian’s beauful coast and maybe next year we will enjoy Italian sun or drive through Portugal.

I hope you are all having a great time and thank you all for reading! Till the next time, V.


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