Schaffhausen and Neuhausen am Rheinfall, Switzerland

Hello, everyone! I wanted to post this early in the morning, as soon as I woke up, but I had some problems with internet connection so I am a little bit late, but that’s not important. What’s important is that I went to Switzerland, one of the countries I wanted to visit so badly. I can’t tell you how happy I was about that!

Our first stop was Schaffhausen, the town near border between Germany and Switzerland. At first,  I’ve though Schaffhausen is a small city. I changed my mind when we were trying to get out of the town for a half an hour haha.

I loved Schaffhausen. I usually don’t like big cities because most of them lost their soul, they are just a bunch of big modern buildings and maybe one part of history in the center of town. Schaffhausen is a different story. All houses and buildings filled with history, old big windows with lots of pictures and statues on them, doors similar to windows, alleys, big squares with fountains. For the moment you can feel like you are in some other era, not in 21st century.

Of course, my boyfriend was scared for his car while parking it. They have one parking where you just leave your car and they take it upstairs with an elevator and he was scared he wouldn’t get it back so it was a little bit funny, but it was also nice since I’ve never seen that before, only in movies or on facebook. It was nice to see that that really exists.

In Schaffhausen, we first decided to walk through the city and we ended up right next to Rhine. They have pathway next to it so you can enjoy river and sun and enjoy life. While crossing the squares we couldn’t not notice fountains, on every square at least two of them. Also, we saw their museum, we didn’t go inside, but from the outside was WOW. Just WOW. You don’t even have a feeling it is a museum, you just think it is a park or something like that.

We have found one coffee bar/restaurant near town center and I couldn’t resist going in for a coffee and guess what, I really didn’t regret it. It is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. It is so warm and cozy and waiter comes to our table two times to ask if everything is all right and if we would like to order something else. And their bathrooms! They have signs „madame“ and „monsieur“ and when you go inside, big mirror with golden frame, wall decoration, flowers… and black chairs and private seats, big black mirrors on the whole wall, and coffee is amazing. One thing is sure, they know how to make coffee. Even though we paid for two coffees almost 10 francs, but it was worth it. This coffee bar is named Cafe Vordergasse and it is really easy to find it because it is really near the center, you just have to move a little bit from the square.

After this, we decided to go to the old castle, Munot. It is positioned on the hill so it has a beautiful view on the whole city, especially on a beautiful sunny day like ours was. You can come to the Munot from the city using the stairs, but we’ve chosen easier option, with a car. We thought that much stairs could be a problem for both of us since our Asthma condition. Munot is open everyday and free for visitors and you can go inside to look around and climb the tower. Inside is all dark and the only light is from big hole in a ceiling, inside is an old well and little windows in the walls, and when you look through them, you have a breathtaking view, but the best part comes when you climb the tower and you get to the big open terrace with tables, old cannons, big stage and view to the whole city and the whole river Reine.

Our next stop was Neuhausen am Rheinfall, just three kilometers from Schaffhausen, marvelous place. Here we enjoyed walking next to the Reine, watching falls and sun, taking pictures. On the other side of Reine is one old castle from which you can easily get to falls, like right next to falls, but we couldn’t find a way to that castle except the path road that is a kilometer and a half long so we decided to go there next time. But on this side where we were, we could get to the falls almost as near as from the other side. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is there. Really.

When we headed back to the car, a little boat went to the viewpoint at the falls, so we decided to stay and see how they will do it. Because of the force of the water which is pretty great, the boat was going left under the falls and for a moment we thought that we are going to witness a huge tragedy, but luckily they managed to put the boat right where it was supposed to be.

We headed back to Germany, but I’ve remembered that I’ve seen one castle on the hill on the very beginning of the Schaffhausen so we decided to go there to see that castle because we had time and it was still sunny outside. Well, if I tell you that it is a private castle, one family is actually living in a castle, would you believe me? If you wouldn’t it’s okay, I didn’t believe neither while we didn’t come next to it and see sign that says private parking, open windows,  and locked doors, with video surveillance. It is a castle in which at least five families could fit and live there, but hey, who am I to judge?! Just saying, you could invite me to live with you… it is really not a problem….

When we got to Germany I’ve realized how hungry I was. I woke up at 8:30AM and it was already 4:30PM and I didn’t eat anything the whole day because I was so excited. We stopped to McDonalds and that is how our little road trip to Switzerland ended.

Today we have visited Rottweil, the oldest city in Baden-Wurttemberg province and tomorrow we will probably visit some other city, I have to make the whole plan, but it is going great for now. I won’t write anything about Rottweil now because I am tired, so I’ll just leave it for tomorrow.

I’ve also found out that we have only 2 hours from Tuttlingen to some places in France so my boyfriend promised me that in the summer we will go to France for two days! One more place from my wish list is going to be removed, I still can’t believe! I can’t tell you how happy I am!
We also planned to go to Bavarian castles, that will be one trip this summer, second one is to France and probably Basel in Switzerland the same days as France, we also want to visit Hallstat in Austria while going to Germany from Croatia where we are going to be for summer holidays. I am really looking forward to this summer because it is going to be great. Lovran, island Rab, Zadar and Šibenik in Croatia in two weeks and all little places that we can visit from those places, also Hallstatt in Austria, Bavarian castles in Germany, Strasbourg, Colmar and Mulhouse in France. It is going to be a hell of a summer!


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