Rottweil, Germany

Yesterday I told you about ours road trip to Schaffhausen and Rheinfall in Switzerland and told you that we are going to Rottweil. Well, here is a new post about beautiful Rottweil, the city with whom I’ve fallen in love at the first sight.

It’s the oldest town in Baden-Württemberg and its appearance is amazing since it has changed very little since the 16th century, what you will be able to see in pictures I’ve taken while there. Rottweil is famous for its traditional carnival and it is that time of the year now so everything is decorated and ready for it.

While driving to the Rottweil we saw a huge tower, I didn’t know what that is but my boyfriend told me that it is a testing tower for elevators. So, sometimes when you think you know everything and you’ve seen everything, you’re wrong because you haven’t seen anything yet. We’ve parked our car a little bit from the center (and talked to some old lady, not sure if she was really interested in the topic or she just wanted to talk about anything) and went to the center.

The first thing you can notice are those sculptures on the big bridge above the park and fountains. Colorful buildings in a row and lots of old signs for a travel agency, shoemaker, butcher shop, photo studio and other.You have a feeling like you’re not in the same time as you were 5 minutes ago while parking your car, everything is so filled with history and love and city itself.

One thing I love seeing in new places are churches. I am not sure why exactly, it is not like I have to go inside for a ceremony or something like that, I just love seeing them. I think that churches have most history from all the places you can see in some town. What made me wow in Rottweil is Kapellenkirsche. A gothic church with a tower and with three statue-decorated portals. It is actually so big that I had to go across the street to be able to take a picture of the whole building. And I am pretty happy with the picture I have.


After the Kapellenkirsche we went to see Münster Heiliges Kreuz and walked through the city, looking for a coffee bar because that had became a must in new cities.

My boyfriend told me that he would like to have a coffee in the oldest coffee bar we can find, s we’ve chosen a little bar in the center, Cafe Schädle. We’ve paid almost 13 euros for two coffees and two cakes but it was worth it.


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